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PcMars Farm Accounting Software

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Project Summary:

PcMars is a full-featured accounting software designed specifically for farm applications, but with enough flexibility that it may be used for small business applications, as well. PcMars was created in 1985 by Keith and Dan Sheller, both farmers as well as Dan being a software engineer. Since 1985 the program has been customized for several farm business associations and adult educator programs. Currently PcMars has unique codes tailored for Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan and South Dakota.

Our latest project with PcMars included a brand new website and logo design! Their new website needed to showcase heir dependable software and provide an easy way for new customer to download the free software. Current customers also needed to have easy access to videos, tutorials and other helpful resources for the software. Our solution was to create a simple, modern design that’s accessible for their wide range of users.

img pcmars logo design 2 1Their new logo features 2 barns and 2 silos in a simplified, flat design. The logo is based on an image that the company has used on its software programs for years, so it is very much familiar to their current customers while being a lot more welcoming and modern to help attract new customers. Their new logo is also much easier to remember, and create a great base for their new brand image!

 Technology Used:

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