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VoIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol

Why hassle with an outdated, inefficient phone system?

Our VoIP-based phone systems are easy to install, configure, and maintain. There is no equipment to buy, we install new phones and you start saving! Experience HD-quality calls without the high monthly phone bills.

There are no long, messy wires, and no software to install. VoIP makes it easy to move, add, and change configurations. Employees numbers follow them anywhere in your office building and can easily be transferred to individuals who work in the field or travel a lot.

Hosted VoIP saves your business money. Legacy systems were expensive. Setup was intrusive; reconfiguring required time and physical system changes. Maintenance and repairs could be quite expensive. Plus, because VoIP is networked, systems are easier to integrate with the business applications you use every day. Voicemail to email and find-me/follow-me allows mobile staff to stay on top their calls.


Here's Why VoIP is the Best Solution for Your Business

  • VoIP is easier to install, configure, and maintain
  • Phone numbers can be easily assigned anywhere
  • VoIP's flexibility allows customization to fit your needs
  • Average cost savings of 25% compared to legacy systems
  • VoIP integrates with your other business systems

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