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What is PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising is commonly seen on social media platforms and search engines. It is an effective online marketing strategy because the advertiser receives guaranteed results for their budget. PPC advertising is an effective way to grow your brand and get an impressive return on investment.

PPC Advertising done right

You need professional PPC management to tell your story to the right audience and get the most out of your advertising spend. PPC managers monitor your results, optimize your account and keep your business moving forward.

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Reach the right audience

We select keywords and build custom audiences to get your message to the right customers. We research, test and monitor results to keep your advertising plan successful.

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Get the most from your spend

We monitor your account to avoid wasted advertising spend. We find innovative ways to lower cost and keep up with your industry.


Beat the competition

An effective PPC advertising strategy will help your business grow efficiently and put your brand ahead of the competition. PPC advertising offers faster growth than other marketing channels.

Do I need to hire a PPC manager?

No business can afford a wasted marketing budget. PPC managers will improve your advertising success and avoid wasted spending. If you are spending any money on PPC advertising it is highly recommended to hire a PPC manager to set up and monitor your account. PPC managers have industry knowledge that will help you avoid costly mistakes and improve your performance. 

Are you wasting money on Google Ads?

Our PPC management strategy is driven by one thing: return–on-investment for your business. You can’t afford any wasted spend in your advertising budget. Take our self-assessment and determine if you’re wasting money on Google or Facebook Ads.

Benefits of PPC Management services

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Fast results

Get your PPC advertisements up and running quickly. You are also able to reach a wider audience outside of your existing followers or customer list. PPC advertising services give your brand fast and guaranteed results while other marketing strategies grow slowly over time. Find valuable search terms and get to the top fast!

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Increased ad visibility

PPC advertisements show up at the top of search engine results like Google and Bing, displaying your website first. PPC advertising gives your business access to many impressions at a cost effective rate. Access guaranteed reach on the most popular social media platforms and search engines and unlock awareness and growth for your brand.

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Affordable option

With PPC advertising services, you pay only for the clicks you get on your ads, making PPC advertising suitable for a wide range of budgets. PPC advertising allows your team to monitor success in real time. The result is a strategy that will return the most for your advertising budget. PPC advertising platforms use advanced data and conversion tracking to optimize your ad placements, making PPC advertising a cost-effective option.

We take a holistic approach to PPC Advertising

Our team has all the skills to make your PPC advertising strategy stand out. Our in-house team can handle all your PPC advertising needs plus additional marketing services. Explore all that Saltech has to offer.

Iowa SEO Services: Keyword Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization builds your presence on organic search results. SEO is more effective for reaching some customers compared to PPC advertising on search results. Our SEO team creates relevant content and optimizes your website to improve your search engine rankings.

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smm services

Social Media Management

Social media management is vital to build brand awareness outside your advertising strategy. We create content that will engage your audience and create repeat customers. We can help you build a community and grow your reach with innovative strategies on social media. 

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ppc management graphic design

Graphic Design Services

Professional graphic design is necessary to keep your PPC advertising strategy engaging and effective. Our in-house designers create eye-catching social media advertising that will generate results. Our expert design team provides the creative touch that will make your PPC advertising stand out. We match your brand image and tell your story effectively. 

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landing page

Web Design Services

Our in-house web design team builds landing pages and custom websites for your PPC advertising strategy. We have talented designers that can improve your landing page experience and capture more conversions. We create a strategy to engage your customer after they click your ad. 

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Should my business be using Facebook or Google Ads?

What PPC advertising platform is right for your business? PPC managers have advanced knowledge of online advertising platforms. They can help your business understand the advantages and disadvantages of PPC platforms and ultimately help you make the right choice for your business.

FAQs about PPC Management services

PPC managers are experienced and can help you avoid common mistakes in your advertising efforts. Our Iowa PPC management services let you outsource the complex and time consuming aspects of your marketing strategy. Bid strategies, conversion tracking and advanced data help improve your advertising efforts. PPC managers are experienced to take advantage. 

Iowa PPC management will improve your advertising efforts using innovative strategies. Smart bidding strategies, custom audiences, conversion tracking and advanced data are available for your business to use. PPC managers understand how to create an innovative marketing plan and get the most of your advertising budget. 

Iowa PPC management services can help avoid wasted advertising spend on your PPC campaigns and improve the conversion rates. PPC managers optimize your keywords, ad copy, audiences, demographics, bidding strategies, call-to-actions, landing pages and more. Increasing return-on-investment drives every decision PPC managers make. 

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