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We’ve teamed up with accessiBe, the trusted choice of industry leaders, to bring you accessWidget—an AI solution simplifying website accessibility compliance.

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What is website accessibility?

Web accessibility refers to making websites usable for people with disabilities. It involves designing and developing websites in a way that individuals with disabilities, such as those with visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive impairments, can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the website and its content.

Web accessibility ensures that everyone has equal access to information and services on the web, regardless of their abilities. This includes individuals who use assistive technologies, such as screen readers, to access the web.


Website accessibility can help GROW your business!

25% of the US population, and 15% of the worlds population lives with a disability. ADA-compliant web design will bring your website to new audiences and grow your business! Other benefits include:

Build a positive reputation

Consumers tend to be loyal to companies that make an effort to be inclusive. By having an accessible website, it will be inclusive to all, which boosts your reputation with people with and without disabilities.

Improve user experience

82% of users will spend more time on an accessible website because it provides a better user experience. This increased time spent on your site can lead to higher conversion rates and improved metrics.

Reduce your legal risks

ADA-compliant web design helps mitigate the risk of potential accessibility lawsuits.

AI saves time & money

Ensuring website accessibility can be a complex task that demands a significant investment of time and resources. Our new AI technology makes the process effortless and much more affordable.

Improved SEO

An accessible website is not only more readable for users with disabilities but also for search engines scanning your website, leading to improved SEO performance.

ADA tax credit

Implementing website accessibility may make your business eligible for the ADA Tax Credit, saving you money on accessWidget and other accessibility updates for your business. Learn More (

What does accessWidget do to ensure my website is compliant?

accessWidget stands as a leading AI-powered web accessibility solution, aiming to enhance WCAG and ADA compliance. This widget employs two applications working seamlessly together to strive for consistent alignment with accessibility regulations. The accessibility front-end handles UI and design-related elements, while behind the scenes, AI manages more intricate requirements such as screen reader optimization and keyboard navigation.

An “Accessibility Statement & Certificate” is built into the widget and sent by email as a PDF after the initial 48 hours remediation period. This statement indicates the compliance status of your website and the adjustments that have been made to your website to make it accessible. View an example from accessiBe (

accessWidget utilizes AI to scan and analyze the content and structure of your website. It then implements any code adjustments that are needed to reflect the content and structure in a format that works best for screen readers and for keyboard navigation. 

accessWidget allows these more complex adjustments to be made to your website in a much more efficient and affordable manner than what has ever been available before. 

The accessibility interface enables users to customize the UI and design of your website to suit their individual needs. This ensures that your website is usable for all users according to their preferences, without requiring any compromise to your brand or design.

The interface operates by offering predefined adjustments that can be activated for specific disabilities (screen reader, seizure-safe, vision-impaired, etc.). Alternatively, users have the option to fine-tune various visual elements such as font sizes, color contrasts, animations, and more to cater to their specific needs.

Once your website achieves compliance status, it’s important to maintain compliance overtime as your website, technology, and regulations change. 

accessWidget scans every page of your website once every 24 hours to check the compliance status of your site. It will automatically make any adjustments as needed to ensure that your website remains compliant with the most recent accessibility standards and regulations. 

Once a month, accessWidget will run an accessibility compliance audit on your website and send a report to confirm the compliance status of your website.

accessiBe provides a Litigation Support Package to all customers in case your website compliance were to be challenged. The package includes professional audits, reports, accessibility mapping, compliance supporting documents, professional guidance, and more to help mitigate any legal risk for website accessibility lawsuits.

Website Accessibility: Why does it matter?

Is your website ADA compliant?
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How does your accessibility tool work?

Code Installation

Begin your 7 day free trial with Saltech, and we'll install the accessWidget code on your website.

Scan & Remediation

Within the first 48 hours the widget will work to scan and remediate any accessibility issues on your website.

Achieve Compliance

After the initial scan, you'll receive an Accessibility Statement which is automatically displayed on your website.

24/7 Maintenance

Your website is scanned daily to fix any new issues, and you'll receive a monthly report about your compliance status.

Powered by accessiBe in partnership with Saltech Systems.

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Extra 16% Off

$50 initial setup fee (one time)
$49 /month
Websites under 1,000 pages
$50 initial setup fee (one time)
$149 /month
Websites under 10,000 pages (or for premium addons)
Premium Addons
$50 initial setup fee (one time)
=$32.67/month when billed annually
$490 /year
Websites under 1,000 pages
$50 initial setup fee (one time)
=$99.33/month when billed annually
$1490 /year
Websites under 10,000 pages (or for premium addons)
Premium Addons

Your small business might be eligible for the ADA tax credit which could SAVE you an ADDITIONAL 20-50% per year!
Find out more here →

Frequently Asked Questions

While we aim to provide ADA compliant web design and some built-in accessibility features, any update made to your website after it initially goes live will create gaps in the accessibility of your website. 

By combining the accessibility best-practices implemented by our designers and developers with the accessWidget, we can help you achieve a higher standard of accessibility on your website. 

We bring this to your attention now because website accessibility has become an expected standard by law. While we monitor trends in the industry, we’ve also noticed an increase in accessibility lawsuits and social awareness regarding inclusiveness.

Now that we have found the most effective and affordable solution to help make your website compliant, we would like to educate our clients on the topic of ADA compliant web design and offer this solution to help mitigate any legal risks that may arise in the future.

After we install the widget on your website, the accessibility interface is visible and functional immediately. It then takes up to 48 hours for accessWidget to complete its initial scan and remediation of your website. After the scan and fixes are complete, you’ll receive an accessibility statement for your website to prove it’s compliance.

All of this takes place behind the scenes and your website will not have any downtime during the process. 

accessWidget adheres to WCAG 2.1 AA requirements, which covers a wide range of disabilities like blindness, motor impairments, and other various visual and cognitive disabilities. accessWidget is being used by over a million users with disabilities on hundreds of thousands of websites a month to provide comprehensive ADA compliant web design.

accessWidget does not cover:

  • Media Accessibility (closed captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions)
  • File Accessiblity (Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, SVG, etc.)
  • VPAT Documentation (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) –  required for Section 508 compliance
  • User Testing
  • Individualized Expert Audits
  • accessWidget Inspection 


Yes! accessWidget powers hundreds of thousands of websites on five different continents under many different legislations. accessWidget is the most trusted solution by industry-leading organizations.

If you receive a demand letter, reach out to Saltech Systems. We’ll get you connected with accessiBe who provides full customer support and dedicated assistance to help with legal actions. With your accessWidget, you’ll receive accessiBe’s Litigation Support Package and their litigation support team will help guide you through the process. 

Much of the negative press is driven by people who are heavily invested in the manual remediation industry, and any competing technologies, like accessiBe, will always attract critics. 

Many overlay accessibility solutions, especially the free ones, fail to meet compliance levels because 80% of the WCAG requirements involve more complex, behind-the-scene code updates to make a website usable by users who rely on assistive technology like screen readers and keyboard navigation. 

When properly installed on your website, accessWidget uses advanced, industry-leading AI technology to address all WCAG requirements and remediate the more complex website accessibility requirements to help your website comply with WCAG requirements.

See accessiBe’s screen reader remediations in action in the video below: 

After much research and comparison between accessiBe and other website accessibility solutions, we have found that accessiBe’s accessWidget is the most affordable and effective accessibility solution to offer ADA compliant web design to our clients.  

  • accessiBe is an industry leader that’s trusted by over 200,000 companies
  • Their solution provides ongoing, automatic maintenance
  • They are the only company that provides Litigation Support
  • accessiBe is consistently top-rated and has over 1,000 5-star reviews on G2. (See reviews on
  • accessiBe has full teams of litigation support specialists, customer support, and technology experts that are ready to assist when needed.

The average accessibility settlement cost is around $25,000, and it only takes 1 person to decide that they want to pursue legal action against your company. A small investment of under $50 a month is worth protecting your business’s reputation in the long run. ADA compliant web design services are a cost-effective choice for your business.

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