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Go Digital With Confidence: Cybersecurity Services

 A single cyber attack can be devastating for a business, causing lost revenue, reputational damage, and even legal trouble. That’s why it’s essential for businesses to prioritize cybersecurity and protect themselves from cyber threats.

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of cyber attacks target small businesses.
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million a year is the cost of cybercrime for small businesses.
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of cybercrime starts with an email.

Don't Overlook Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity services include the protection of your network from outside threats.

Any technology, whether it is connected to the internet or not, needs to be secure. More than any other time in history, Cybersecurity is of utmost importance. At its very basic level, Cybersecurity means that your digital assets are secure.

Protection Within Any Budget

Businesses of any size and budget can improve their cybersecurity. A trusted cybersecurity partner will provide much needed protection at a fraction of the cost of a cybersecurity breach or cyberattack.

Evaluate & Act

Saltech Systems can help clients evaluate their current cybersecurity system and recommend improvements. Expert evaluation will scrutinize current processes and our team will develop and implement a plan to improve your business.

  • Is there a disaster recovery plan?
  • Are servers physically secure?
  • Are servers and IT equipment up-to-date?
  • Is software and hardware up-to-date?
  • Is effective anti-virus used?
  • Is the recommended firewall being used?

Network Security

Cybersecurity services include the protection of the backbone of any digital business: the network.

The modern workplace relies on a secure network. Don’t pay the price of network failures or risk the unthinkable. 

Network threats are becoming more sophisticated and dangerous. Saltech Systems will provide multiple layers of system defense to provide unmatched peace of mind. Don’t roll the dice with the integrity of your business and the safety of your employees and customers. Partner with a cybersecurity partner to protect your network and keep operations running smoothly.

Full coverage of your tech

Managed IT Services

Keep your focus on running your business while our team manages your technology. We have a dedicated managed IT team that will keep up with the constantly evolving nature of technology and keep your business running to its fullest potential. Evolve your business and its technology with confidence and protection from cybersecurity threats.

Stellar customer service is the promise that comes with Managed IT services. We will help your business overcome obstacles and gain a competitive advantage. Unlock your potential through the world’s most powerful tools and the guidance of professionals.

Through onsite assistance and remote sessions our managed IT experts are dedicated to smashing obstacles and keeping your business moving forward. Managed IT services enter you into a partnership with a dedicated resource of technology experts.

Reliability in a crisis

Data Backups

No cybersecurity protection strategy is 100% effective. Data loss costs your business, don’t be left vulnerable. Saltech Systems will ensure your data is safe with a comprehensive backup plan.

Simplifying Technology™

Simplifying the complex: Cybersecurity Services

Our goal is to simplify the complex and shift your focus to running your business. We make the complex easy through thoughtful communication and stellar customer service. Technology is complicated and evolving fast, a dedicated partner allows you to take advantage. Start a partnership based on stellar customer service and a dedication to your business goals.


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We have worked with Saltech for many years. They have created beautiful websites for us, and also provide on-going technical support. Anytime we contact them, the staff members are courteous, professional, and willing to go above and beyond to provide the assistance we need. We would highly recommend them!

Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas Dancenter


“Saltech is a fantastic company to work with. They have been helping our company with our IT needs for almost 3 years now and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Highly recommend them for all your business IT needs.”

Cassandra Pirtle
Neighbors Heating & Cooling


Saltech has been amazing. We decided to use a local provider for our IT needs. Saltech has been receptive to our needs, and thorough. They have hustled to make things right and we could not be happier to have a neighbor in our corner.

Main Street Dental

Cybersecurity common questions and answers:

Cybersecurity is the process of improving and maintaining your network, survey or computer system to avoid costly cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is simple steps taken by experts to protect assets and prevent bad actors from reeking havoc in your business. Cybersecurity includes simple tasks such as password management or complex network and system management.

A cyber attack is any attempt to steal data, disable computers, or otherwise harm a digital network. Cyber criminals use a variety of methods to find vulnerabilities in network systems and disrupt operations for their own benefit. Individuals, small businesses and even large corporations can all be victims of costly cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity specialists work to remove vulnerabilities in any computer system to avoid costly attacks from bad actors. Cybersecurity specialists manage complex hardware, software and network systems and can train personnel on important behaviors that can save your business time and money.

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Protecting your online accounts and personal information requires password security. Using strong and secure passwords is crucial now more than

Keep WordPress Up to Date With each new version of WordPress comes security improvements and bug fixes. It is important

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Your people are the first line of defense, invest in them.

Cybersecurity awareness training can help save your company from cyber attacks. Sign up now to receive FREE cybersecurity training worth $150 to better prepare your team for potential threats.

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