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What is content writing?

Content writing is the strategic planning and writing of copy to elevate your company with your goals in mind. Content writing services boost your search engine optimization (SEO), increase professionalism, provide a fresh new perspective, and effectively target your desired audience. Consistent content writing will move your customers down the sales funnel and increase audience engagement.

What kind of content do we write?

Website copy

Blog posts

Product descriptions



Google and Facebook ads

Social media content


Invoice templates

& More!

The facts speak for themselves

What you need to know about content writing services

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What are the benefits of content writing?

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Improved SEO

Increase your online presence and grow your SEO with optimized content. You don’t only get professionally written content; you also get it filled with keywords and tailored to your company. The more content you have, the better your website ranks.

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Increased Website Traffic & Sales

Quality content writing knows how to get your customers to purchase. Grow your sales and get more customers clicking on your website. Get engaging content that serves a purpose!

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Fresh Perspective

See how other people view your company! An outsourced content writer is able to produce unbiased content and provide a fresh perspective for your company. Content writers think like your customers, not your long-time loyal employees.

What's the difference between Content Writing and Content Marketing?

When looking at content writing vs. marketing, think of the two as different steps in the marketing process. The two services complement each other and work well as a pair.

Content Writing

Content Marketing

A five-step process to take your company to the next level

Saltech's content creation process

1. Client Consultation

We care about what you want! Our first step is meeting with the clients to determine their business goals and needs and figure out what information we need to be successful. We care about our clients’ opinions, thoughts, and ideas on all work.

2. Market analysis and research

Once we understand, we take priority in understanding your market! To best write content for your company, we need to understand what your competitors are doing and what will be successful in your industry. We look at the size of your company, location, goals, and audience to best determine what writing would work best for you.

3. Content strategy development

Next, we develop a strategy plan! We plan out which content has first priority, how to implement keywords, and what value the content brings to your company. It’s important that before we write, we have a strategy in place to fit your needs and ensure we can meet your goals.

4. SEO optimization, when applicable

If your content is going on the web, we will optimize it with the best research-backed keywords and phrases. This is for content such as website copy, blogs, product descriptions, advertisements, and social media content.

5.Content Writing

We get to writing! Plentiful and fresh content is our priority. Having new and innovative content will set your company apart from your competitors and give your brand a facelift! We use our research to support our writing and create content your audience will love.

SEO Content Writing vs. SEO Services

The world of SEO can be complicated. In general, SEO has the goal of boosting your content to the top of search results; there are just a few different ways it can be done. So, what’s the difference between traditional SEO services and SEO content writing?

SEO Content Writing

is simply the actual writing. Content writing is optimizing written content to create a smooth website experience and motivate consumers’ actions. This includes writing content with keywords relevant to your industry, making sure text sections are optimized for length, and having enough content in general.

SEO Services

optimize already-written websites. Implementing backlinks, monitoring Google rankings, picking the right page to have your audience land on, and page speed. SEO services are based more on the analytical side, while content writing is more creative.

Questions & answers about content writing services

It varies! Your cost depends on how much content you want to produce and on which platform. Once we better understand your goals and needs, we can provide you with an affordable price quote.

No! Our team of experienced writers creates all content for our customers organically. Although we agree that AI can be useful, we write content with your specific audience in mind, which is unique to your company. We optimize your SEO with our content and implement our content marketing strategy throughout. Successful content writing must be fresh, different, and socially relevant, which AI-generated content cannot do as effectively as experienced writers.

Read more about using AI for your business →

Content writing services are for everyone! Every kind of company, whether small business, ecommerce, B2C, or B2B, benefits from professional and optimized content. We understand all kinds of businesses and know how to write to your desired customers.

Our clients always leave happy

Five stars


“I originally sent a few things for them to make look professional for me, as this is not my kind of thing! It was a pricing sheet for our company as well as another important sheet that our clients would be seeing while I sit down with them. What I sent them was quite the hot mess, and when their team sent them back, they looked amazing!! They look very professional and eye-catching as well!! Thanks to their team of professionals for the excellent customer service and professionalism. Highly recommend this team!”

Matt Bohner
Magic Matt’s Cleaning

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