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We can solve your software problems, whether you want to enhance your current software, or create a new one!

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Need a custom software tailored to your business? Our team has you covered.

At Saltech Systems, we offer software development services that solve all software problems. Whether you want to enhance your current software or create a new one, we are here to help you through the entire process.

Our development team aims to deliver on your timeline and budget needs as well as providing ongoing maintenance. We integrate safety measures to protect your business data, including password protection and secure payment getaways.

Why work with us?

We offer services in:

Custom development on all platforms

and code maintenance

Migrating legacy applications

Architecture designs for new applications

Our development process

How does it work?

When you work with Saltech Systems, we customize the process based on the size of your project, type of work we’re doing, timeline, and ultimately what works best for you! Here is a general idea of what you can expect when you work with our software development team:

Step 1:

Understanding your goals

First, we meet with you to understand your business goals and project criteria. We go over the scope,  requirements, problem definition, and the deliverable release schedule.

Step 2:

Planning for success

We come up with the Work Breakdown Structure for a deliverable-oriented strategy. We choose a technology that will be scalable to your needs, both for now and in the future. 

Step 3:

Build, test, review & revise

After the plan is together, we source a Control Management Software to maintain code history and organization. We peer-review and test our code as we go to ensure quality, functional code.

Step 4:

Deliver, launch & maintain!

The code is pushed to a staging environment for you to review! You will receive weekly progress reports sent out for the duration of your project. Our team will provide ongoing maintenance on your application to ensure it continues to run effectively.

Technologies we work with

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Let's create something great together!

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