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The backbone of your computer system is a well-managed network

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What is Network Management?

We specialize in computer network management and optimization for businesses of all sizes! A stable and secure network is critical for success in today’s fast-paced environment. This is where we step in. Our skilled team of professionals offers customized network administration services ranging from basic setup to advanced troubleshooting. We’ll ensure that your network functions smoothly so you can concentrate on your business.
Trust us to keep your network secure, reliable, and performing optimally. Contact us today to learn how we can help your company!

Faster Internet Speeds

Network management services give your office the fastest internet speed available. Your industry is fast-paced and your employees need to work efficiently, your internet shouldn’t slow them down. Our experts stay on top of your network, allowing you to fully take advantage of internet tools.

Shared network access to all your locations

Network management services help you achieve your goals across branches, regions and the globe. Our network specialists can implement shared network access to all your locations, ensuring constant communication and sharing of information through your team and remote workers.

Network maintenance or complete network overhauls

Our network management specialists are equipped to take on everyday maintenance of your network or undergo complete network overhauls. Regardless of your network circumstances, our team works to provide a plan and help you complete your goals.

Complete network hardware, including switches, routers, and firewalls.

Network management services allow our specialists to oversee your hardware purchasing, setup and maintenance. Our experts purchase hardware with specific goals in mind and have the know-how to get the greatest potential from network equipment.

Network management made easy!

Our simple network survey is your first step to fully take advantage of network capabilities!

Expand to multiple locations, upgrade to the next level and complete your goals fast with our network management services.

Determine the status of your network.

Maintain the network for continued success.

Make purchases to help you succeed.

Ensure security and smooth performance.

Simplifying the complex:

Network Management Services

Our goal is to simplify the complex and shift your focus to running your business. We make the complex easy through thoughtful communication and stellar customer service. Technology is complicated and evolving fast, a dedicated partner allows you to take advantage. Start a partnership based on stellar customer service and a dedication to your business goals.

Don’t wait on the slow speeds of poor network management. Catch up through network management services. Your network needs to be just as fast-paced as your industry. Your work can’t slow down and a fast and reliable network guarantees little interruptions and unlimited potential. Your team can call our remote support desk to have network management questions answered in real time, providing you peace of mind while you and your team work toward business goals.

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Full coverage of your tech

Network Security Services

Network security is a must for every business, big or small.
Security can make or break an organization’s reputation. With the evolving nature of networking, cybercrime is one of the biggest issues when it comes to businesses. Cybercrime damage costs have hit over $6 trillion – that’s a big number, and it’s growing at alarming rates. According to a U.S. State of Cybercrime Survey, 43% of cybercrime attacks affect small businesses. Without a doubt, network security is a must for every business, big or small.

Hardware, software, and network security protects the integrity of data from any unauthorized access, data modification, data misuse, and damaged data. Saltech Systems follows Network Security industry standards to prevent outside threats from entering and damaging your business. Trust Saltech Systems with your network security needs.

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Network Security Services

Don't overlook network security

Network management services include the protection of your network from outside attacks. The modern workforce relies on a secure network. Don’t pay the price of network failure or risk the unthinkable.

Data Backups & Recovery

Reliability in a crisis

Network management is about protecting your company communications and operations. Backing-up your data and having a disaster recovery plan in place ensures valuable data is saved and your business is not left vulnerable.


Don't just take our word for it... See what our clients have to say!


“We have worked with Saltech Systems for over 10 years and are extremely happy with their personalized service, accessibility, expertise and innovation. Our company has benefited tremendously by working with Saltech over the years, and continue to be beyond impressed! Well run company with great leadership!!”

Ann Martin
Don & Sons Body Shop


Saltech Systems has been instrumental in helping us think through a proactive, holistic IT solution that will position our company for continued success and growth

Chad West
10Fold Architecture


“Salman and his team at Saltech have created various websites for our different entities; that helps cross sell our services. They have helped us solve various IT problems related to our servers and email. They have always proven to be very helpful to our needs, and the knowledge they bring to the table has been invaluable to our daily work environment. Beyond that Salman becomes a good friend to know. Thanks Salman!”

Steven Vorm

Network Management common questions and answers:

Network management is professional guidance in setting up, maintaining and optimizing your internet network. Network managers oversee the purchasing of important internet hardware and software, including routers, switches, firewalls and more. Network management is a process with the goal of allowing you to fully unleash the potential of your network.

Successful network management service creates faster speeds and more efficient communication within your business. Good network management provides safety and security from outside threats to your network. Good network management will allow you to fully take advantage of your network. Purchasing and maintaining the right hardware and software will avoid outages and quality of your connections. Overall, good network management service will move your business closer to its goals.

Network management specialists oversee important aspects of your business internet system. Network management specialists purchase important hardware and management network hygiene. They allow your business to get the most out of your network and run your operation efficiently.

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Our network survey is your first step to fully take advantage of network capabilities!

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