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Search Engine

Find valuable search terms and get to the top fast. We boost your search engine presence while monitoring ROI.


Does your pay-per-click account need full-time management? We manage your cost and help you stay ahead of competitors.

Social Media

Use innovative strategies to find a new audience on social media platforms. Use retargeting and advanced data and get your message to new customers.


Need the creative voice to make your digital advertising stand out? Our expert copywriting specialists make ads that get results.

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Are you wasting money on Google Ads?

Our digital advertising services are driven by one thing: your return-on-investment. Take our digital advertising self assessment quiz and determine if you’re wasting money on Google or Facebook Ads. Your advertising budget will thank you.

Why Digital Advertising?

Marketing for the modern customer.

If you’re interested in digital advertising services, you’ve made an excellent choice. A growing business needs to make meaningful connections with the modern customer. With 63% of businesses increasing their digital marketing budgets in the past year, digital advertising is a perfect option to boost your digital presence. We help you find the right customers through our targeting methods. Return-on-investment is our number one priority.

Learn what works with data and advanced tracking.

Digital advertising services give your business more insights. Unlike traditional or print advertising, our team can track successes and failures in real-time. The result is a winning strategy guaranteed.

Get the fastest results.

Digital advertising will get your business results faster than other digital marketing channels. SEO services and social media marketing build awareness over time, while digital advertising provides immediate impact.

Save on your advertising budget.

Digital platforms offer ad placements at relatively low costs compared to print or traditional advertising. Businesses in niche industries with low competition tend to find the lowest rates.

Learn more: Small Business Guide to Digital Advertising


We're trusted digital advertising experts in Iowa


“Saltech was the perfect partner to build a website to help us promote the assets of our community. The design is clean, the navigation is simple, and there are plenty of bells and whistles to make the site fun and interesting. It’s everything we wanted.”


“We have worked with Saltech for many years. They have created beautiful websites for us, and also provide on-going technical support. Anytime we contact them, the staff members are courteous, professional, and willing to go above and beyond to provide the assistance we need. We would highly recommend them!”


“Great team of people that will go above and beyond to help you with anything! They help us market our business and I couldn’t ask for better people to do it than the Saltech Systems team!”

Digital advertising by the numbers

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Facebook Ads, Google Ads or something else?

There’s dozens of platforms available for your digital advertising strategy. Facebook and Google have the most users available. Google, Facebook and other platforms have different user behavior, costs and strategies. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and can build a strategy that works for you. We can build facebook and Google Ads for guaranteed reach or experiment with LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Amazon Ads and more. 

We take a holistic approach to digital advertising

We bring our versatile skill set to the table to help your digital advertising strategy. We offer custom graphic design, web design, landing page design or logo and brand design. We can deliver on every aspect of your digital advertising strategy.

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Graphic Design

Your ad needs an eye-catching and professional design to get customers’ attention on social media. We have an in-house graphic design team that will deliver custom graphics for the placements you need. 

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landing page

Landing Page Design

We specialize in building unique websites for companies and organizations. If you need a custom landing page to match your digital advertisement, our in-house website designers will deliver a functional website that will get purchases and leads from your customers. 

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logo branding

Logo & Brand Design

Our branding experts will create an eye-catching logo and brand design that will be memorable for your customers. A professional brand image will help your advertising strategy become a success.

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FAQs about Digital Advertising Services

Yes! Retargeting is a digital advertising strategy that involves connecting with customers that have already engaged with your brand. We can use your website traffic or social media engagement to send targeted ads to groups of customers that are likely to purchase your product or service. Retargeting allows your business to save on your advertising budget and get high return-on-investment.

It depends! The conversion rate for digital advertising depends on the product, industry and conversion goal. Our digital advertising services include detailed reports with conversion tracking available for purchases, phone calls, form submits and more. Tracking and improving your success rate will be our number one priority.  

Digital advertising is more cost effective than other print or traditional marketing methods. Most digital advertising is charged per-click or per-mile (1,000 impressions). The impact of your ad is guaranteed and your budget will not be exceeded. Also, the advanced algorithms on Facebook and Google are designed to keep your cost low and improve the impact of your ads.

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