Data Backups & Cloud Services

Reliability in the face of disaster — Backup important business data

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Data backups and cloud services

We backup important business data and save time and money in the face of cybersecurity threats.

Be Proactive.

Unfortunately, no cybersecurity plan is 100 percent effective. Our experts work to create a comprehensive backup plan to recover important business data in the event of breach, hardware failure, cyberattack or mistake. We ensure important files can be recovered to keep your business up and running.

Save Time and Money.

Data backup and recovery services pay for themselves in the event of a breach, hardware failure, cyberattack or mistake. Losing important data is expensive, time consuming but completely avoidable! Implement a data backup strategy to save time and money.

Create confidence in the face of disaster.

All businesses can become the targets of bad actors and cyber-criminals. Creating a plan for data backup and recovery is a proactive and defensive approach to cybersecurity. Professional protection of your data means you can operate your business with confidence.

Data Backups

Let's connect and evaluate your current data backup plan.

Start a path to cybersecurity by building a comprehensive data backup strategy. Start by having an expert check your backups.

What is the difference between cloud backups and local backups?

We provide both local and cloud backups to fit your budget and fulfill your business goals.

A local backup is good for its easy on-site accessibility. They can be run almost continuously so that you can revert to a specific point in time and have complete control over data. It can also be faster to recover your data off of a local backup allowing you to resume operations in a more timely manner. Lastly a local backup allows you to customize your security letting it be more secure based on your needs.

Cloud backups can help protect you against threats that prevent you from accessing your data all together, these attacks can come in the form of ransomware. Typically these attacks happen when a hacker gets into the computer and locks you out of the system. The only way back into the computer is to give in or reset the computer entirely, losing all the data. With a backup you are able to restore the computer to before the attack came so that you lose as little data as possible.

Proactive Backup Plan

Data backups & cloud services are included in Managed IT plans

Managed IT services are the complete management of your business technology – including data backups. If you are looking for complete management of your technology at a fraction of the cost of an internal IT team, learn more about our managed IT services. We’ll create a managed IT plan that is right for your budget and business goals. We can manage your workstation, servers, backup, anti-virus, email, networking, and more.

Full Coverage of Your Tech

Go beyond data backups & cloud services. Get full Cybersecurity protection

Take a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. Complete cybersecurity services will manage your data backup and protection strategy and take steps to protect your business from attacks. We will protect assets, prevent attacks and keep your business secure. Cover every aspect of your cybersecurity.

Harness Cloud Technology

Cloud services provide efficient and constant communication

Cloud services can include data backups and provide benefits for your business. VoIP phones, email hosting and other cloud services help your business achieve professional, constant and efficient communication.


Don't just take our word for it... See what our clients have to say!


“We have worked with Saltech Systems for over 10 years and are extremely happy with their personalized service, accessibility, expertise and innovation. Our company has benefited tremendously by working with Saltech over the years, and continue to be beyond impressed! Well run company with great leadership!!”

Ann Martin
Don & Sons Body Shop


Saltech Systems has been instrumental in helping us think through a proactive, holistic It solution that will position our company for continued success and growth.

Chad West
10Fold Architecture


Salman and the entire support staff at Saltech were knowledgeable and very easy to work with. They began by listening to our needs. From there they developed a variety of affordable business solutions that met our stated objectives. On top of addressing the basics they even offered suggestions on how they could take our ideas to the next level. All in all it was a great experience. I look forward to working with Salman and Saltech for years to come.

John Livingston

Data Backup and Cloud common questions and answers:

We offer both cloud and local data backup services to protect your important business data. Local backups consist of storing data physically on an on-site computer. Cloud backups use the power of cloud technology to store important business data on other servers. Both types of backups provide benefits that can fit your business goals.

Data backup and recovery experts recommend backing up your data as often as your budget and resources allow. The potential to lose important business data in hardware failures or cyberattacks is a constant risk. Develop a comprehensive backup strategy that frequently backups your important data. You are only as good as your last backup!

Data backup and recovery services can restore important business data immediately after a failure or attack. Our IT and cloud service experts will immediately start the data recovery process. They will work to get your business up and running quickly. With a successful data backup strategy in place, important data can be recovered within minutes or hours.

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