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E-commerce Website Services

As more customers prefer shopping online, e-commerce websites are more important than ever to implement.

While opening an online store may seem daunting, here at Saltech Systems we have experience with a wide variety of e-commerce industries and store set-up types and can guide you through the process. From niche boutiques to expansive collectibles and everything in between, whether you’re making and selling your own products or drop shipping, and if you’ve been in business 10 years or 10 minutes, we’re excited to help you build your online store.

Our method, customized for you

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Built using WordPress for easy updating and editing of your products, business information, images, and more! Plus, you will get a training session with us so we can answer all your questions.

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Your e-commerce website will be composed of optimized product images, SEO-friendly content, and a custom design to highlight your best products.

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We customize your store’s website to include additional forms, plugins and integrations so it is truly tailored for your business needs.

Customizations to fit your e-commerce website needs

E-commerce website Mockup displaying an example of a custom request-a-quote form for an e-commerce websiteWe can build forms that allow your customers to submit quote requests, product inquiries, and general questions.

E-commerce website Mockup displaying an example of an embedded PDF on an e-commerce websiteAllow customers to view PDFs on any device and screen size without needing to download the files.

E-commerce website Mockup displaying an example of a product gallery for an e-commerce websiteShow off your products and give customers an overview of what you offer.

E-commerce website Mockup displaying an example of an FAQ page on an e-commerce websiteProvide valuable information for your customers in an easy-to-read format.

E-commerce website Mockup displaying an example of a dealer map for an e-commerce websiteWe can create custom maps that show where your dealers are located.

E-commerce website Mockup displaying an example of a testimonial page on an E-commerce websiteShare what people are saying about your service and products to help establish credibility.

Our design process

How does it work?

When you work with Saltech Systems for your e-commerce website, we customize the process based on the size of your project, timeline, and ultimately what works best for you!Here is a general idea of what you can expect when you work with our design team:
Step 1:

Kickoff & Setup

We start every project by sending out a design survey so we can get a basic idea of what you are looking for. Then you will meet with a project coordinator for a kickoff meeting so we can fully understand your business and your goals for your online store.
Step 2:

Products, Content & Imagery

Send over the content, products, and images for your website. We will work with you to find the best solution for your product management system, so your products can be seamlessly imported to your online store.
Step 3:

Website Design

Our design team uses the information from the kickoff meeting to create a style guide and mockup of your new website. Once this design is approved, we build the real thing on a demo domain. We’ll send you a link once the large-part of the design is completed!
Step 4:

Revise & Review

Once the large-part of the design is completed, we’ll send you a link to the demo for revisions. During the revision process, we’ll communicate with you to fine-tune the website and design so it works for you and your business.

Step 5:

Launch, Maintain & Grow!

Once the revisions are complete, our designers do one final check of your website to ensure it meets our quality standards, and then we push it live! You can count on us to maintain your project, and help your company grow further!

Our work speaks for itself

Recent e-commerce website projects

Trust our expertise in designing the perfect website for your ecommerce store. Check out some of our projects below!

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