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Network Security

With the evolving nature of networking, cyber crime is one of the biggest issues when it comes to businesses. Cyber crime damage costs have hit over $6 trillion - that's a big number, and its growing at alarming rates. According to a U.S. State of Cybercrime Survey, 43% of cyber crime attacks affect small businesses. Without a doubt, network security is a must for every business, big or small.

Network Security protects the integrity of data from any unauthorized access, data modification, data misuse and damaged data. Security includes not only your network but also, hardware and software layers as well. Saltech Systems follows Network Security industry standards to prevent outside threats from entering and damaging your business.
Let Us Protect Your Network. Our Network Security solutions consist of multiple layers that defend your network and systems. Each wall has controls and criteria that only authorized users can pass through. Threats are mitigated securing your network and data. Security can make or break an organization's reputation.

Types of Network Security

Antivirus Solutions

Antivirus software protects us from malware including viruses, worms, ransomware, and spyware. Malware is very dangerous and sometimes hard to detect. A good antivirus software will keep scanning your computer continuously, tracking dangerous malware and fixing infected data.

Access Control

To make sure your computer is always safe, you need to control who accesses your network. Potential attackers can try to enter your network anytime. Access control prevents unauthorized users and devices from accessing your network's private information.

Application Security

Applications may have holes that allow hackers to get into your data. Always be careful with the software that runs in your business, especially when you install it from the internet. We can help secure your applications and protect your data.

Behavioral Analytics

One way to protect your computer is to detect abnormal behavior. Here at Saltech Systems, we offer behavioral analytics tools that can scan for strange activity. After we notice strange behavior, we will fix the behavior and eliminate the reasons behind it to prevent it from happening again.

Email Security

Since your business shares and receives sensitive information via email, email is a top priority to secure. A compromised business email can be difficult and expensive to repair. Be proactive - contact Saltech Systems and let us secure your email today.

Border Security

On the internet, you are exposed to threats and malware. It is dangerous when these threats pass through your firewalls undetected. Let us implement next-generation firewalls to block threats before entering your network to keep you safe.

Web Security

Web security solutions can block access to compromised websites and prevent your employees from reaching explicit or time-wasting sites.

Wireless Security

Nearly every business uses a wireless network. But they may not be as secure as you might think. Professional hackers can enter your wireless network if it is not secured properly.

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