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MHI Hoist

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Mockups of MHI new custom-built web based platform that allows them to efficiently and accurately implement and view data.


MHI Hoist provides inventive and tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of its clientele. Their all-encompassing portfolio of products and services, such as hoists, cranes, jibs, gantries, and other material handling equipment, positions them as a one-stop destination for all material handling requirements.

In this case study, we will examine how MHI utilized automation to optimize a previously manual, labor-intensive process. By leveraging custom-built technology from Saltech, MHI was able to enhance productivity and decrease operational costs by minimizing labor requirements for a crucial process, resulting in financial savings for the company.

The Problem:

MHI’s process was all manual and required inputting the same information several times, sometimes by different employees, increasing the changes of human error. Additionally, this was data that was being entered almost everyday and was important to the success of the business.

The way data was being entered was time-consuming because it required numerous people to handle the same item and enter the relevant data in multiple places, putting a strain on the staff. This process was prone to errors due to the high volume of inputs, resulting in rework, lost resources, and higher operational expenses.

Our Solution:

Screenshots of MHI program showing how users can add data, edit data, view & filter data, and export reports

In order to create a viable solution, we needed to understand the client’s business and goals first. We initiated a meeting with their team and comprehensively examined their current process, asking relevant questions to understand the “why” behind it. Then, we came up with a reliable solution to save them both time and money. With the solution in hand, we engaged our proficient development and design team to begin working on it!

On the backend, we built a custom workflow that would replace their current process. The new workflow implements automation and simplicity to effectively improve the process. With the newly created automation within their workflow, they will reduce the likelihood of errors by reducing the number touch points and boost productivity by reducing the redundancy of inputs, all while lowering operational expense.

On the front end, we created a web-based platform that was easy to use and intuitive so that all employees would be able to easily navigate. Since it’s web-based, employees are able to access it through all types of devices includes mobile while on a job site. Additional features include; filtering, reporting and import/export capabilities.

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