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74% of organizations in the United States have experienced a successful phishing attack.

Every minute $17,700 is lost due to a phishing attack.

Is your organization prepared to identify and maneuver a phishing attack? Can your employees identify a phishy email?

Don't take a chance!

Avoid lost hours recouping a damaged reputation, lost intellectual property, money, and legal fees by taking advantage of our FREE security awareness training and simulations.

The training is made up of several short videos that keep your employees engaged, while learning how to develop a positive security culture that will pay off in personal and business settings.

Security awareness is more than just checking off a compliance box. If your employees don’t understand the importance of security, they won’t take it seriously. Learning should be a fun, continuous effort.

Topics covered in our training include:

The free training is quick and easy for employees. It includes 30 minutes of video learning and 5 short multiple choice quizzes. Everything is done at your own pace. Your administrators can even track employee participation and progression throughout the training and see their certificates of completion at the end!

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A phishing campaign is only successful if you aren't prepared for the bait.

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