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Web Design Trends in 2022

We know having a beautiful and functioning website is necessary for any business. However, having an eye-catching website that stands out from the rest can take your company’s website to the next level! Therefore, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends in web design. In this blog, we’ll cover a few web design trends that we don’t see going away anytime soon!

Motion Design/ Scrolling Effects

In 2022, we’re seeing more and more websites with motion design aspects to keep viewers engaged. With these designs, your potential customers will see your content glide into view as they navigate throughout the page. Some designs may even have elements controlled by the user’s cursor. This design strategy is only limited by creativity, so these elements have the ability to move in a variety of ways. When done correctly, website viewers will be blown away by the way elements can flow artistically on the screen. Even the slightest motion can prioritize information by capturing the user’s attention without becoming confusing or messy. Creative motion will make the user’s experience memorable, which is vital for first impressions. If you are looking for a creative, fun way to engage your users, motion design and scrolling effects may be something to consider!

Oversized Typography

They say bigger is better. While we know that’s not always the case, we’ve seen designers begin to experiment with oversized typography in the headers of their websites. This is an interesting design style that will certainly make your site stand out among a crowded internet. This idea is perfect if you have a tagline, message or title you want to emphasize for your company. Making the message larger than other text will help bring more attention to your most important message. By using the right font, you will also communicate the message without becoming overbearing or aggressive. If your strength is in your title or tagline, why not give it the webpage attention it deserves!


Nostalgia is the feeling of longing for the past. When it comes to web design, nostalgia can be an extremely effective way to create an emotional connection with your viewers. With many websites attempting a futuristic approach, nostalgia can be a perfect way to stand out. If you know your target audience well, there may be some elements of nostalgia that will be subtle and easy but also resonate with users. This is a trend you will want to keep an eye on this year!

Oversized pointers 

Another trend we’ve seen is the use of oversized pointers. This is where websites morph the user’s cursor into an oversized pointer. This trend adds to the overall experience for customers when they are directed to a page on your website. The user’s attention is more than likely already on the cursor, so having an oversized cursor will add more recognition. Considering how well acquainted internet users are with the traditional pointer, this will be a breath of fresh air providing a fun and memorable experience.

We’ve covered just a few examples of what we see happening with web design trends in 2022! We’re really excited to see how the year will play out with ever changing web design trends.

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