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Website Designer or Website Builder: Which is best for you?

The website is an important piece of digital real estate for your business. The possibilities are endless if you are moving your business into the digital world. 

But, you have a couple of options for creating your storefront on the world wide web. 

You could hire a professional website designer to create the website from scratch. Or, you can enlist a team member or yourself to create your site on a website builder, such as Wix, Shopify or Squarespace. 

Either option will provide different results and satisfy the needs and goals of your business differently.

Today, we’ve outlined the major differences between the two options for creating a website. The choice between a website designer or website builder will impact the final product. It is vital to understand the different options and how a website designer or website builder could impact your perception on the world wide web.

Using a website designer

Hiring a website designer will allow your business to unlock the full power of the web. 

An industry professional will put their flair on the website. Many years of experience and a portfolio of countless websites come with the services of a website designer. 

Website designers come backed by the credibility of a web design agency and the resources capable of getting the job done right.

Using a website builder

Using a website builder like Wix, Shopify or Squarespace offers convenience for your website creation process. For a monthly fee, website builders give access to software designed for the purpose of creating websites.

The user can create the site from templates or completely from scratch. The website builder route will also be less expensive initially. 

The features and functionalities of your website may be limited by the website builder’s software or the user’s own abilities. 

Our thoughts

We think for your web design project you should choose to partner with a website designer.

Your website needs to serve certain functions. Customers need to find and buy your products quickly without the disruptions technology may cause. Internet users that read about the services your business provides will need to find ways to contact you. 

Website designers have the technical know-how required to make sure every desired function of your website works and works efficiently. The depth of knowledge that website designers bring to the table is massive and the finer details of your site won’t be forgotten. 

Website designers understand the in’s and outs of important design principles. For example, typography and color theory can be used to your advantage to create a desired reaction and feeling from users. If you enlist a team member to create a site on a website builder, they may not understand these nuances.

Additionally, good user interface or UI design will help users as they navigate through your website. Bad UI design could leave potential customers confused or frustrated by minor details of the website. A website designer will bring professional experience to make sure UI design is not overlooked.

Search engine optimization or SEO is vital for bringing any website to the biggest possible audience. Without important elements optimized, your website won’t appear highly millions of users on a search engine like Google.

Countless other minute details need proper attention for a website to succeed. Website designers have the ability to spend the time necessary on all these details and the technical knowledge to get it done right.

And the final product provided by a website designer will be 100 percent unique to your business. Users of the same website builder platform might unknowingly create a site that looks similar. This will never happen with the services of a website designer. 

Saltech Systems creates websites on the world’s most used content management system: WordPress. This platform allows a website designer to create the website with all of their professional flair. But, anyone can make edits to the website once it’s been created and handed over to you. 

WordPress provides a best-of-both-worlds situation as the designer will create an expert design catering to all the nuances to effectively market your business online. Plus, the user can easily make edits to the site after proper training.

Regardless of your choice for the web design process, Saltech Systems would be thrilled to help your business expand online. Don’t hesitate to contact us for website design services, digital marketing and SEO, graphic design, or any other way we can help you grow!