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FREE QUIZ: Which social media account should you create next for your business?

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Do you feel like your digital marketing is not reaching as wide of an audience as you would like? Or maybe you feel that you’re missing your target audience entirely? 

Sounds like it’s time to set up a new social media account! It’s important when choosing your next social media account to take into account (pun intended) the specific target audience that uses that social media platform most and the kind of marketing and posting schedule you have the time and resources for. You don’t want to spend time and effort opening an account for every social media platform right away if your target audience is mainly on Instagram, for example.

In five short questions, we can help you determine what social media account you should create next with all of this in mind:

1. What kinds of users (age range and user type) would you like to target with this new account?(Required)
2. How would you like to engage with your users?(Required)
3. What is your overall goal for the new account?(Required)
4. What is your biggest concern for your digital presence?(Required)
5. How frequently and what kind of content do you have time to post right now?(Required)
Would you like help setting up your next account?(Required)
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