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Property management is hard enough...

Managing your website is easy and affordable with Saltech Systems!

 Your property management software provider is raising their website prices from $50 per month to $99 per month + a one time $150 fee with minimal changes/advantages, starting March 1st, 2020.

By switching to Saltech Systems, you will save $240 within the first 12 months + pay just $828 per year after your first year!

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Saltech Systems Website —

$30 / Month + $750 Set-Up Fee OR Choose our $0 Set-Up Fee Option*

Property Management Software Integration

Access To Analytics

Basic Search Engine Optimization

Brand New Website With Modern & Responsive Design

Full Administrator Access

Utilize The Latest Technologies

Strict Optimization & Accessibility Standards

Fast, Secure & Reliable Hosting

Daily, Managed Back-Ups

Routine Maintenance

Personalized Website Training

Friendly Support Team & Quick Response Time

$1,110 - Over Next 12 Months
+ $360 / Per Year After 12 Months

By switching your website to Saltech Systems, you will SAVE $240 within the first 12 Months. After 12 months, you will SAVE $828 per year!

*$0 Set-Up Fee Option:
Pay $60 a month for your first three years. After three years, pay only $30 a month!

Staying with Appfolio Will Cost—

$50 $99 / Month + $150 Set-Up Fee

Property Management Software Integration

Access To Analytics

Basic Search Engine Optimization

$1,350 - Over Next 12 Months
+ $1350 / Per Year

By staying with Appfolio, you will spend $240 more in the next 12 months, and pay $828 more every year after. View Appfolio Pricing Here

How does switching to Saltech Systems work?

Our goal is to make the switch as easy as possible!

We want your website to be successful! When you work with us, you become our partner. You will have full Admin access to the website and its analytics so you know how your website is performing 24/7. We don't leave you waiting for days or weeks when an important update needs made on your website. We have quick response times and can make most small changes within the same day! We can even train you so you can edit and make updates to the website.

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Starting your project is as easy as filling out this online form, or giving our team a call at (515) 520-8200!

Website Transfer

We'll transfer your current website to our servers so you can cancel with your current provider before you get charged on March 1st.

Demo Website

We'll build your new, custom website on a demo domain, so you won't experience any downtime on your live website.

Website Launch

Once you approve of your new website, we'll transfer it over to your current domain! It's really that easy!

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Property management is hard enough. Managing your website should be easy and affordable! Switch your property management website to Saltech Systems and save up to $820 per year!

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