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Why email marketing has the best ROI

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The best marketing strategy could be hiding in your inbox. 

The goal of any marketing has to be return on investment (ROI). Your marketing budget doesn’t allow for any wasted opportunities. When you build your digital marketing plan, you must choose the strategies that have the best ROI. 

But your team has many options to choose from, including social media, digital advertising, search engine optimization and more. Safe to say, there’s lots of ways to reach the modern customer. 

Data shows email marketing return on investment is as high as 36:1. That’s a significant rate of return for a business of any size. We help build digital strategies that keep ROI as the top priority. Today, we’ll break down exactly why we think email marketing has the best ROI for your small business

Why does email marketing have the best ROI?

The power of content

Content is powerful in the world of digital marketing. 

Content helps digital marketers win over the hearts and minds of online customers. Social media messaging, digital advertising, website headlines, product descriptions and emails done right will benefit your brand in a variety of ways. 

Powerful content will increase your brand awareness, position your brand as a thought leader and persuade customers to make purchases. 

Email marketing is another form of content marketing. Content marketing has a unique effect on your business because content makes a genuine connection with the customer and isn’t promotional or transactional in nature. Good email marketing helps customers solve problems, answers commonly asked questions or explains the benefits of your product. It’s important to offer valuable and compelling content to your email subscribers in order to avoid being perceived as “spam” or being flat out ignored. 

Once you have developed a great content message, it’s time to start seeing that return on investment. 

Time is money

Email marketing is unique because your brand will get access to a large amount of impressions for virtually no cost. All it takes to implement email marketing is the time required to create content and a reliable database of email addresses. 

If you’re already collecting email addresses in a business database or an ecommerce platform then you’re ready to go. Start creating content and capitalize off your customer list. 

The right content in the right inbox is guaranteed to generate leads, sales and conversions for your business. Luckily, there are steps you can take that will reduce the time involved and make your email marketing even more efficient. 

Email automation & segmentation

Email automation and segmentation can help your email marketing efforts become even more efficient and generate even better ROI for your digital marketing strategy. 

Email automation involves sending automatic emails to customers at a specified time, date or after a specific event. Automation allows you to segment your email messaging to get better results and make your emails more efficient. 

Don’t create a mass email to send to your entire email list. It’s unlikely one message will be relevant to your entire audience. Find ways to segment your email list and create specific content for these audiences. Understand the types of email marketing available for your brand and use them all. 

With automation and segmentation you can create abandoned cart reminder emails for those customers that leave products in their shopping cart. You can automated emails to remind new customers to repurchase. You can give special promotions to your loyal customers. 

Again, setting up email marketing only takes the time required to build the email itself. Segmented emails are easy to create and have a much higher success rate. Using email automation and segmentation is a great way to increase marketing ROI. 

Tips for creating great email marketing content

The key to great email marketing ROI is the content. The truth is many promotional emails get ignored by the target audience. We provide content writing services for websites, social media and emails, so today we can give you a few tips to make your email marketing content stand out. 

Write a short, relevant headline

Great email marketing content starts at the top. 

Writing an excellent subject line and headline will go a long way to capturing the attention of your target audience. Keep it short because you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with more content than.

Be sure to include the unique value proposition of your product, service or offer in the headline of the email. Ask yourself: what is special about this email specifically? This should be included in the headline to be immediately clear to the viewer. 

Use a clear call-to-action

Providing a clear call-to-action is a necessary step to ensure high email marketing ROI. Give your email subscribers a specific and compelling action to take in your email content. Generic call-to-actions like click here or learn more aren’t convincing enough to garner a reaction. 

Your emails should provide a clear plan for the customer receiving the email. They need to know how they can benefit from receiving this email. Find ways to include your top benefit in your emails and you’ll increase the change for great email marketing ROI.

Provide stats or social proof

Relevant stats are a great way to improve your credibility in your email marketing campaign. Stats can go a long way to provide support to your headline and your call-to-action. 

Social proof is a content strategy that involves providing evidence from other real–life examples that are relevant to the customer. A common way to use social proof is to include testimonials from your existing customers. Videos or user-generated content will prove other people have had a good experience with your product and can be a great way to provide social proof. 

Download helpful templates for your email marketing efforts here!

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