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August 2021 Newsletter
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We’re excited to announce the first edition of our new monthly newsletter, Ctrl + Alt + Saltech. Each month, we’ll share industry trends and company highlights with you.

WordPress updates

WordPress Updates - Important!

WordPress is Ending Internet Explorer 11 Support

WordPress has just released its latest core update (version 5.8), in which they’ve announced several exciting performance-boosting features but will also be dropping support for Internet Explorer 11. “Dropping support” means that while the browser will not be removed, it will no longer be updated or used to test WordPress features and updates. This makes it a security and performance risk, especially if you use Internet Explorer to edit your WordPress website.
(If you’re editing your website through Internet Explorer, you may have already noticed the warning in the backend of your website that IE11 is outdated). 

Microsoft has already announced that they have been phasing out support for Internet Explorer 11 and will continue to do so until it’s retired in June of 2022. We understand updating from Internet Explorer may be easier said than done, so please read on for our recommendations and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

What does this mean for me?

If you’re currently using Internet Explorer, it’s highly recommended that you update your browser to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge has an “Internet Explorer mode” that allows you to view websites as if in Internet Explorer, which can be a great way to transition to Microsoft Edge from Internet Explorer. 

More information on Internet Explorer mode for Microsoft Edge can be found at this link, and it will be supported through at least 2029.

Most importantly, if you would like us to wait to update your website to WordPress 5.8 so you can continue to have support for Internet Explorer 11, please let us know before September 23rd, 2021, so we can make a plan with you.

Security and IT updates

Security / IT

WordPress is Ending Internet Explorer 11 Support

We’ve seen an increase in email scams lately, so we’re here to help you tell who an email is really from. 

Phishing emails and text messages often include links to a malicious website that lead people into giving out private information. In order to determine if an email is a phishing scam, the best technique is to hover your mouse over the link before clicking to find the full address. Once a window pops up with the full link, you can determine whether the website is malicious or reliable.

If you are looking to train your company or employees on how to identify a phishy email, we offer FREE security awareness training! This could help your company avoid these attacks!

Marketing Trends

Marketing Trends

There’s no doubt the social media industry is always changing to enhance user experience.

Recently, we have been seeing changes that include new features and tools that support quick and easy shopping. On Facebook, you can now set up a shop that allows users to browse and buy products right on the platform. This means users no longer have to go to your website to buy products- they can buy right from Facebook. 

Considering the role social media plays in users’ decisions, social commerce may be the next big step for your company!

Design Trends

Design Trends

Virtual Events are here to stay!

We recently worked on a 100% online event for Iowa Parks and Recreation Association. They typically host an in-person exhibit each spring with parks & rec vendors from across the state. With the pandemic this year, they decided that the event needed to take place online – calling it the “2021 Virtual Exhibitor Experience”.

Our system allowed for vendors to sign up and provide their exhibit content directly through the IAPRA website. We built the online exhibition in a format as close as possible to what you’d experience at an in-person exhibition event.  This virtual event was a first-time experience for Saltech Systems and for IAPRA, and the feedback we received was phenomenal!

Even with the pandemic slowing down, we definitely think virtual events are here to stay! Hosting virtual events are a great way to make your event accessible to a wider audience, and gives you the ability to expand the content that is provided to attendees.

Company Updates

New Faces at Saltech Systems!


Connor LaFerle

Web Developer

Hometown: Elgin, IL

College: Iowa State University- Graduate in May 2022 / Software Engineering

Favorite experience so far: “The real world experience. It’s satisfying to work on something that can affect people, rather than doing it for school.”


Jacob Kelderman

Web Developer

Hometown: West Des Moines, IA

College: Iowa State University- Graduate in May 2022 / Software Engineering

Favorite experience so far: “All of the opportunities to learn and problem solve.”


Zoey Lazere

Project Coordinator

Hometown: Ames, IA

College: Iowa State University ’21 / Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art & Design with minors in Digital Media and Performing Arts

Favorite experience so far: “Working with clients and small businesses to help share their stories and visions.”


Taylor McManemy

Digital Marketing & Content Writer

Hometown: Van Horne, IA

College: Iowa State University ’21 / Bachelor of Arts Degree in Advertising with a minor in General Business

Favorite experience so far: “Getting to know all of the clients and helping their businesses grow.”

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