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October 2021 Newsletter: Design Trends
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Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Dark mode designs have been an upcoming and recent trend in both desktop and mobile designs. Whether you are scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, or checking out your favorite store’s website, it’s likely you have come across the “dark mode option.” Some people generally enjoy the dark mode better, while others enjoy the design appeal. Whatever the reason, this trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon!

Serif Font

Serif Fonts

Another upcoming trend we’ve seen is the use of serif fonts in both brand and website designs. Traditionally, serif fonts were more of an “old school” look, but now have a wider variety of styles and personalities to offer. Because of the variety of styles it offers, designers are beginning to recognize that typography can be a powerful statement. So when it’s time for a re-design, it’s important to look into all the possibilities typography can provide for your company’s brand!

Company Updates

New Faces at Saltech Systems!

Melissa Mushick

Melissa Muschick

Vice President

Melissa has over 13 years of experience in Management, Marketing, and Process Improvement and is excited to work with you and your company! Melissa is also currently involved in several volunteering and Ames & Ankeny professional groups. Reach out to Melissa today at!


Jack Chasse

Jack Chasse

Project Management Intern

Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

College: Iowa State University | Fall ’23 | Majoring in Mechanical Engineering

Favorite thing about Saltech so far: “Working with people who are experts in all different areas on a wide variety of projects!”

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