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Use Your Website to Make a Lasting Impression on Your Customers

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At Saltech Systems we focus on creating great first impressions for your website and your company. Often times your website is the first contact that a person will ever have with your company. After visiting your website, does the user immediately leave and forget about your company or is your website optimized to create great first impressions, turning that visitor into a customer. Here are a few tips on how to use your website to create lasting impressions on your visitors.

1.) Credibility

A professional, and aesthetically pleasing website design goes a long way in creating great first impressions about your business. If your website effectively communicates your brand message, and provides visitors with relevant, complete information about your business, products, and services – you will instantly gain the trust of your website users on their first visit.

2.) Plenty of Relevant Content

Not only will a good amount of relevant content tremendously make a difference in your SEO – but it also provides visitors with all of the information they need to know about your company and what you offer. If your website is lacking information the user is more likely to leave your website and continue searching for companies with the information they want to find.

3.) A Great Homepage

A majority of searches done by users will lead them to the home page of your website. You have about three seconds to create a great impression on a website visitor. After a few seconds they will likely decide whether they want to keep searching through your website, and leave to find what they need on another website. Having a good home page that catches attention, and provides relevant information is essential. The home page of your website should cover the products/services your company offers, what sets you apart from other companies, and why they should choose YOUR solution to their problem, instead of another companies solution.

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