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Three Common Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

Blog post graphic: Three common social media mistakes to avoid

Are you trying to grow the presence of your business online? It’s hard to deny social media platforms are going to be a useful tool.

But with new tools come new strategies and techniques to learn. You can’t expect to become a social media professional overnight but you can learn the basic dos and don’ts to get your digital marketing strategy started off on the right foot. Social media is at the core of digital marketing. So this is definitely a great place to start.

Today, we’ll focus on just a couple of easy things to avoid when creating content on social media.

Not providing call to action

Let’s say you’ve created an engaging piece of content you know your audience will love. You post these photos, videos or snappy taglines to social media.

But what is your audience supposed to do next?

Make sure your social media content is entertaining, engaging but also reminds the reader about the goal your business is trying to accomplish. Remind the user to share with their friends or tell them where they can find more of the same content.

Call to actions help drive traffic to your website and can increase social media engagement. Posts with high engagement are more likely to be shared to more people through social media algorithms.

Providing a simple call to action can take a great social media post to the next level.

Too much promo

Let’s say you’re an established business that is just getting started with social media. You are planning to bring your existing marketing strategy onto social media. Your page might have too much of a promotional message.

If your business provides customers offers and sales promotions, you should definitely plan on sharing these on social media. But the message of your content should not be entirely promotional.

Social media is an opportunity to engage with your audience in an authentic way. Be yourself. Use a social media page as a mouthpiece for your brand. Don’t limit your content to promotional messages found in traditional advertising.

Be entertaining and avoid overloading the customer with your promotional message. Give company updates, ask questions and foster a community. Then, when it comes time to offer customers a compelling advertisement, your followers will be more likely to listen.

Not understanding social platforms

Let’s say you’ve started your social media journey on Facebook. Your efforts have been successful. You’re going to use the same strategy on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Your content will likely not have the same success.

Different social media platforms have different audiences and serve different purposes. For example, Instagram is a photo-based platform and Twitter is more text-based. It is important to understand these differences.

This doesn’t mean your content can’t be useful on all social media platforms. Your strategy is going to take slightly more work to craft the perfect post on all platforms.

Learning the basics of which social media platform has the perfect audience is simple. You can decide on a channel based on five simple questions in our social media marketing quiz.